with the business version for companies you can:

  • Access all features of the free version
  • manage all computers and server in one interface
  • assign global program whitelists
  • perform scheduled checks, to make sure that the protection is enabled everywhere
  • reports via E-Mail, Push or SMS when problems are detected
  • integrate in a complete system monitoring
  • access anti-virus and patchmanagement if required

Further information can be found at: www.server-eye.de
Please send requests via E-Mail to info@anti-ransom.de

  • ANTI RANSOM was developed by us because of the increased threat that comes with ransomeware.
  • The software is available to all users free of carge and can be copied and reused.
  • We take no responsibility for any damages caused by ANTI RANSOM, whatever the nature.
  • ANTI RANSOM is an extension to protect your computer, but can not guarantee a 100% protection for malicious software
  • For the free of charge version of ANTI RANSOM, no support is offered.
  • Notices and requests can be sent to info@anti-ransom.de.

Please use ANTI RANSOM only, when you agree to these terms.